Rights Georgia’s Project Coordinator Held a Lecture for the Student Parliament Members

31 March, 2021

Ana Gudadze, Rights Georgia’s Project Coordinator, held an online lecture for the Student Parliament members discussing challenges and legal status of foreign nationals living in Georgia. The lecture was attended by over 70 students from various Georgian universities.  

Ana Gudadze talked about challenges faced by migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and humanitarian status holders in Georgia. Particular attention was paid to racial and ethnic discrimination, lack of job opportunities, and obstacles in access to public and private services, including, healthcare and bank services.  

The online lecture was held within the frameworks of the UNHCR and the IOM supported projects:

- “Protecting and Empowering Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Humanitarian Status Holders, and Stateless Persons in Georgia” implemented with assistance from the UNHCR, 

- “Legal Assistance of Migrants in Georgia” implemented with support from the IOM and funding of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


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