Ensuring a fair trial for female victims of violence

15 February, 2021

Project Title:  Ensuring a fair trial for female victims of violence through monitoring of interrogations during criminal proceedings and advocacy campaign

Project Duration: February 2021 – August  2021

Funding: USD 19854

Project Supporter: USAID Promoting Rule of Law in Georgia (PROLoG) Activity implemented by the Eeat-West Management Institute

Project Partners: The Public Defender of Georgia, Judiciary Development and Reform Centre (JDRC)

Project Goal: The overall goal of the project is to ensure a fair trial for female victims in a way, which is sensitive to the gender-specific aspects

Project Objectives:

•    To study the environment and infrastructure tailored to the interests of female victims of violence in courts and determine its compliance with international standards for the protection of victims of violence;
•    To inspect and analyze whether female victims of violence are interrogated in an environment that avoids their re-victimization and does not impede efficient access to justice for victims;
•    To evaluate the effectiveness of the role of the so-called “witness-victim coordinators” during court interrogations.
•    To realize an advocacy campaign targeting relevant stakeholders for reducing/eliminating secondary victimization of female victims of violence and ensuring a non-discriminatory and gender-oriented atmosphere during the interrogation process at criminal court hearings.


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