Access to Justice for Sexual Violence in Georgia - Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

13 July, 2020

Equality Now, an international rights organization, in collaboration with 16 Georgian civil society organizations, including Rights Georgia, has submitted a report on Access to Justice for Sexual Violence in Georgia to the UN Universal Periodic Review.

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This submission outlines the challenges in the criminal justice system and the legislation of Georgia in addressing sexual violence crimes and provides recommendations for improving access to justice for sexual violence through improving legislation and criminal justice procedures.  The authors of the report submit that developing effective criminal law mechanisms for the elimination of sexual violence is a fundamental step in achieving substantive and transformative equality for women and girls in Georgia. 

During the previous UPR cycle, Georgia received 57 recommendations to strengthen and improve measures regarding women’s rights protection. From these recommendations, two of them related to the need for taking measures to encouraging women to report acts of sexual violence, protecting the victims and ensuring the effective investigation, prosecution and punishment of perpetrators and establishing centres for victims of sexual abuse.  

This assessment covers the time elapsed since the last UPR review of Georgia in 2015.



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