Gender Equality at Workplace

1 March, 2014

Project title: Gender Equality at Workplace

Project duration: 01 March, 2014 – December 15, 2016 

Donor: USAID

Partner organizations: The Georgian Trade Unions Confederation (GTUC), The Center for Social Sciences of Tbilisi State University (CSS); „JumpStart Georgia“; „New Media Advocacy“ (N-Map). 

Project goal and objectives:

The project’s goal was to draft amendments to regulatory framework; to improve the model of anti-discrimination policy at workplace for employers; to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of gender equality at workplace among employers, employees, policy makers, women, and society; to address and overcome negative stereotypes about women’s role, particularly, during the recruitment process; to reduce number of women who experienced discrimination at workplace; to ensure access to justice for victims of discrimination.

Project activities:

The following activities were performed within the project: 

- Survey about gender discrimination in Georgian labor market was conducted;
- Research about workplace discrimination and equal employment opportunity was carried out and relevant report published;
- Research about workplace discrimination and empowering employees and carried out;
- Anti-discrimination policy model was developed through engaging relevant stakeholder and advocacy.

Special attention was paid to awareness raising and educating. In particular, series of infographics were developed and published covering the following issues: Men’s superiority at workplace, Sexual harassment at work, Gender discrimination in employment, Men on maternity leave. In addition, a policy document – “Workplace Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity” – was developed. Moreover, series of informative videos was prepared covering the following topics: Harassment at workplace, Gender discrimination during salary assignment, Gender discrimination during pregnancy, Gender discrimination during recruitment.

Special web-portal - Tanastsoroba.ge was created to raise public awareness on gender equality. 

The project was carried out during 30 months in Tbilisi and in 10 regions of Georgia.

Project beneficiaries included: Women and men employees, medium and large businessmen and managers, potential employees, policy-makers, international watchdog organizations, women victims of discrimination at workplace, civil society organizations, women organizations, the Parliament, the judiciary, other public institutions, local and international organizations working in human rights and gender equality spheres. 


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