“Rights Georgia” Launches a Project for Safeguarding Freedom of Expression in Georgia

13 October, 2020

“Rights Georgia”, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, has launched a new project aimed at safeguarding freedom of expression in Georgia. 

Within the frames of the project, “Rights Georgia” will take efforts to improve domestic legislation on freedom of expression to ensure its compliance with ECHR standards and Association Agreement requirements. The organization will also focus on strengthening the professionalism of journalists and community leaders. In addition, “Rights Georgia” will protect the most vulnerable groups against violations of their freedom of expression and empowering them against such violations in the future.

The project implementation strategy includes several approaches that are innovative in the context of Georgia. For the first time in Georgia, Human Rights Journalism university course will be introduced for bachelor program students. Moreover, Media and Human Rights Lab will be established to strengthen professional skills of media school lecturers, students, and communication officers of human rights organizations.

The Lab will offer a space to field professionals to discuss human rights and media related issues. It will also provide ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTQ+ community members, migrants, IDPs, refugees, other vulnerable groups with legal, informational and technical advisory to address their challenges related to freedom of expression and access to information.


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