“Rights Georgia” files a case against the Ministry of Health over psychological damage made to a minor placed under quarantine

12 August, 2020

On August 11, 2020, “Rights Georgia” filed a case against the Ministry of Health over psychological damage made to a young child placed under quarantine at one of the hotels in Batumi. The organization demands from Tbilisi City Court to recognize the fact of violations of child’s rights along with the compensation for moral damage. 

Lawyer of “Rights Georgia” had been assigned for protecting a little girl upon request of her father, with whom she was placed under 14-day quarantine after arriving from Belarus to Georgia. Conditions at the hotel, which served as an isolation facility, were so harsh that soon after placement the girl began suffering of panic attacks and psychological disorder. 

The father applied both the hotel administration as well as the relevant authorities with the request to change quarantine conditions which would have met best interest of the minor. He also asked for psychological aid however his applications remained ignored for the whole period spent in the quarantine. 
In its lawsuit against the Ministry of Health “Rights Georgia” claims that the Ministry and relevant officials failed to meet international and domestic

legislation. The organization is concerned by such a violation particularly in light of legislative reforms, including adoption of Children Rights Code, implemented by Georgia in order to ensure compliance with the international standards. 

The girl whose case will be examined by the court is a citizen of Belarus. “Rights Georgia” provides her with court representation service within the IOM funded project “Legal Assistance and Assessment of Needs of Migrants in Georgia”.



The girl and her father had been released from the mandatory isolation two days before the due date, once the “Rights Georgia” officially filed the case to the court.



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