Anyone who satisfies age requirements and has a driving experience can get a car in « GEORGIAN STAR ». You just have to submit two documents to the Delivery Manager: a valid passport and a valid driver's license.

The whole process takes only 15-20 minutes.


General Requirements to a « GEORGIAN STAR » car renter :

1. A lessee should be no less than 21 years old;

2. Have a driving experience of no less than 2 years;

Security deposit is required, which includes:

· The equivalent of € 100 in local currency according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of Georgia on the day of renting a car.

Deposit doubles when crossing the board of Georgia.

A security deposit is waived for customers traveling with children.

Car rental is carried out according to the rates indicated on the official website of Georgian Star.

Please do not confuse our company with the companies of the same name. Pay attention to the company logo.

Smoking in the car is strictly forbidden.

Rates include car insurance services: insurance claims in case of accident, property damage and car theft, liability insurance, a part of tax revenues.

Petrol is not included in the price.

Additional discounts are discussed individually in each case.

· In case of loss or damage during the exploitation of the car, our company will immediately send our specialists to you; They will fix the damage or provide a new car.

. It is strictly prohibited to take the vehicle to the car service center without warning the company manager.

. In the above-mentioned case, the company has a right to fine a renter for neglecting the rule or losing the original parts of the car.

· The customer is supplied with a certain fixed amount of gasoline;

· Further refueling of a car is performed by the customer himself in accordance with his needs and the technical characteristics specified in the car passport.

· The car must be returned with the same amount of gasoline that was given out;

· In case the renter neglected the car, did not pay attention to the warning sign of the water or oil sensor and carried on his way, that caused engine heating or oil leakage and as a result, the car stopped, the lessor has the right to bill the renter for the damage of the vehicle. The lessee is required to pay the costs of repairing this vehicle;

· A spare tire is attached to all vehicles. If one of the main tires is punctured, the lessee can replace it with a spare one (the lessor can provide a replacement service for extra money.). If an additional tire was damaged as well the lessee is obliged to purchase an identical replacement tire in any car center at his own expense.

· If you forgot to turn off the lights in the car and the battery ran off  our company will help you to start the car for an additional cost;

· The car should be returned in a good condition washed and clean inside as well as outside;

· In case a car is dirty the process of returning it will be prolonged. In addition, the company will bill a renter for washing and cleaning the car 20 GEL according to its price list;

· In case a car is damaged as a result of misuse, the cost of repair is compensated by the renter;

·In case of late returns, if a customer is late for more than 2 hours, the lessor has the right to count the additional hours as a 1-day rental (each case is considered individually);

.In case of an accident involving a rented car that caused damage (dents, scratches, broken windshields, etc.)  the lessee is obliged to immediately notify the company manager.

1. Help desk of our company by phone +995 592 59 99 95.

2.Support service of the insurance company (Prime Insurance Company) by tel. + 995 322 24 15 24 or hotline phone (*1115) and call the police by phone (112) to the scene for documentary recording.

-The renter must indicate all the damage caused in the accident to the police officers and in the certificate drawn up at the scene.

- In most emergency cases, in order to evacuate the damaged vehicle from the scene, it is necessary to contact the employees of the company "GEORGIAN STAR".

- In case the renter was in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication at the moment of the accident, he is obliged to compensate for all the damage caused to the car, as well as the damage caused to third parties.

- The Renter's right to drive the car may only be transferred to third parties by a power of attorney issued by our company. If the car accident was caused by a person not listed in the rental agreement or in a power of attorney from our company, the compensation of all damage caused to the car as well as third parties is charged to the renter.

· In case the renter registered an accident, in accordance with all the rules listed above, the responsibility for the damage inflicted on the car does not exceed the size of a deductible or a security deposit.

.If in case of an accident, the renter has not complied with the car exploitation instructions and has not warned the company about possible breakdowns, the responsibility falls entirely on the renter and the company has the right to bill the renter for the car repair.

A lessee is obliged to follow the requirements of instruction on the exploitation of a car, given out before the beginning of car rental.


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